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  • La Penderie Boutique
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    La Penderie Cuba Street

    Store Transactions
    • 1
    Customer Title Points Expires Scanned
    Alice Rowntree Scan 5 Never 02/03/2019 12:45pm
    Alex Kleenan Scan 15 Never 02/03/2019 11:43am
    Mark Jenkins $5 voucher -25 Never 01/03/2019 04:58pm
    Marama Petera Scan 5 Never 28/02/2019 04:53pm
    Alicia Rudduck Email 10 Never 04/02/2019 12:47pm
    Alicia Rudduck Scan 5 Never 04/02/2019 12:47pm
    Poppy Haszler Email 10 Never 13/01/2019 9:27am
    Poppy Haszler Scan 5 Never 13/01/2019 9:27am
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    Alex Kleenan

    +64 021 476 4375

    Age: 30Gender: Male


    Current point balance




    Total points earned


    Avg. points earned

    • 1
    Title Store Points Expires Scanned
    3-for-2 Organic Tees La Penderie -30 Never 02/03/2019 11:43am
    Scan La Penderie 5 Never 02/03/2019 11:43am
    Scan La Penderie 5 Never 16/02/2019 10:32am
    Scan La Penderie 5 Never 04/02/2019 12:45pm
    Email La Penderie 10 Never 02/03/2019 11:45am
    Scan La Penderie 5 Never 02/03/2019 11:45am
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    3-for-2 Organic Tees

    Available at La Penderie Boutique

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