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Complimentary Kumara Fries

GNZ Burgers

Free Dark Chocolate Smoothie

GNZ Burgers

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Name Merchant Reward
Complimentary Kumara Fries GNZ Burgers 25
Free Dark Chocolate Smoothie GNZ Burgers 25
2-for-1 Gourmet Burger GNZ Burgers 40
$25 Voucher GNZ Burgers 75

Serve your restaurant more customers

The success of your restaurant depends on new and repeat customers. With Goody, we help get you create and retain loyal customers.

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An end-to-end solution

Create your own loyalty and rewards program for your restaurant by following our step-by-step onboarding process. From your program, you’ll gain valuable insights about your customer, get real-time customer feedback and increase your member spend. Once you’ve signed up, we’ll help you customise your loyalty rewards and start referring network members.

All the features you need, none of the hassle.

Goody makes it easy to get your restaurant program up and running - using a proven system.

Simple to use

Easily manage your restaurant loyalty rewards program within the cloud software. Create and manage your loyalty reward points and send your powerful marketing campaigns.

Designed for service

Incentivise customers based on dollars spent or visitation. Connect it to your legacy or cloud POS for faster service or use a twin tablet system should you change POS provider.

Easy to set up

Hardware set up typically takes ten minutes to install straight out-of- the-box. You’ll receive software access with most elements already set up for you. From there you’re free to manage your programme.

Professional white labelling

We can provide a customer facing tablet app – yielding the highest sign-up rates. Completely branded with your logo and imagery.

Access to a thriving network

Over 650,000 registered members and millions of transactions are processed each day using Goody. Why build your own app, when you can list your offers and rewards amongst a thriving network and achieve greater results.

Goody powers over 1000 businesses

We've helped our merchants create and retain over 650,000 customers.

"Goody helped us go from Stone Age to modern technology in one easy leap. It works, it's easy and is perfect for our business."

Brian Baker, McCafe Pukekohe

Get started today!

Whether you're looking to promote your local business, reward your regulars or connect with customers, Goody can help.

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