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Talk to customers without lifting a finger, using marketing automation.

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    Marketing automation

    Segmentation settings

      Activation Campaign

    Over 50-60% of new customers don't return after their first visit.

    Sent: Within 24 hours of their first visit.

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      VIP Campaign

    Treat your VIP customers and make them feel special.

    Sent: To customers who have visited at least 20 times and at least 5 times in the past month.

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      Prevention Campaign

    A customer's likelihood of returning drops by 50-75% every 30 days. Help prevent your 'at risk' customers from slipping, before it's too late.

    Sent: 15 days after customer's last visit.

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      Lapsed Campaign

    As time passes and a customer doesn't return, the odds they will never return are high. By sending them a good offer, you can increase the likelihood of them returning by up to 4 times.

    Sent: 60 days after customer's last visit.

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    La Penderie Boutique Profile

    These settings are applied to 6 merchants


    Manage the merchants assigned to this profile


    Connect to other services


    Manage how points are issued

    Bonus point calendar

    Manage double and triple point days

    Customer Segmentation

    Identify your best customers


    Net Promotor Score


    Get alerted for suspicious activity

    Customer segmentation

    We will use these settings to automatically classify your customers as new, regular, VIP, at risk, lapsed or lost based on activity at stores assigned to this profile.

    New customers
    First visit is within days
    At risk customers
    Haven't visited in days
    Lapsed customers
    Haven't visited in days
    Lost customers
    Haven't visited in days

Personalise and automate your store-level marketing

Local businesses don't have the time or money to spend on digital marketing. The Goody platform helps you to automatically send powerful marketing campaigns, so you can focus on running your business.

Automatically send marketing campaigns

Once you've built up your newly acquired customers the platform helps retain them and increase visitation, using automatic rewards and offers.

Understand your customer's lifecycle

Do your staff know when they're about to lose a customer? Goody recognises your customer's lifecycle, segments your customer base and sends the right offer at the right time.

Report on your automated success

Daily, weekly and monthly reporting allows you to better understand the impact automation is having on your business.

Marketing automation specific to the store

Manage your marketing automation campaigns across all your stores or for individual businesses.

  Customer Joined
New Bethany Loureiro 12/02/2019
Regular Alex Kleeman 10/02/2019
Regular Alice Rowntree 20/12/2018

Step 1: Audience

Step 2: Give your campaign a catchy title

Step 3: Choose the offer

How does it work?

A customer walks into your business and buys something. You sign them up to your rewards program and incentivise them to hear from you, using bonus points.

The system recognises where your customer is within their customer lifecycle. You get a greater understanding of who your "New, VIP, Regular, Lapsed and Lost" customers are.

Your automation campaigns work in the background, helping you increase your repeat customer count and customer retention rates.

New customers
First visit is within days
At risk customers
Haven't visited in days
Lapsed customers
Haven't visited in days
  Customer Scanned
New Alice Rowntree 12/02/2019
Regular Alex Kleeman 10/02/2019
Regular Zara Brierly 05/02/2019
At Risk Alicia Rudduck 11/01/2019
At Risk Poppy Haszler 08/01/2019
Lapsed Sarah Hagai 21/12/2018
Lost Bethany Loureiro 20/12/2018

Segmentation criteria defined for the store

You know your business better than we do. With Goody, you set up your segmentation criteria and the system monitors transaction activity.

The rules engine defines your customer's lifecycle stage based on activity.

Relate to your customers and win their loyalty

Loyalty combined with marketing automation ensures a personalised, rewarding message that customers actually want.

Decrease your customer churn

Typically, our automation software helps bring back 10% of a lapsed customer base. That's 10% of your customers that would have never revisited.

Increase your repeat customer rate

With automation switched on, we help deliver a steady flow of repeat customers. We use great incentive offers (defined by you), which give you the opportunity to resell and upsell.

Leverage our technology

Only 2% of apps are ever downloaded and only 2% of that are ever used. When your digital marketing efforts aren't part of an ecosystem, it becomes very hard to engage customers on a daily basis.

Send meaningful messages

Talk to your customers at the right time with a marketing automation program that listens to your customers.

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Whether you're looking to promote your local business, reward your regulars or connect with customers, Goody can help.

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